Things to Setup or Install With New Macbook for Development

So, you got a new Macbook from your family, or company and wondering what to install or setup. Here is a list of some basic tools that are required in your day-to-day basis to setup new Macbook.

Setup New Macbook Tools & Apps

  1. Homebrew (or brew)
  2. Alfred for Mac
  3. Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
  4. Sequel Ace from App Store for MySQL UI
  5. PHP Monitor to assist with Laravel Valet
  6. Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge
  7. iTerm2 as Terminal replacement
  8. Warp as iTerm2 alternative
  9. Flutter for macOS
  10. Android Studio for Mac

Project Work Folder

I would suggest to setup a special work or project folder in your ~/users/username/ directory as Workspaces.


PHP Development Tools

for PHP developers, you may want to install these services and packages:

  1. brew install php
  2. brew install mariadb (or mysql)
  3. Install Laravel Valet from Laravel
  4. brew install redis

Once you’re done with installing Laravel Valet (will call Valet pass this point), set the /Users/<username>/Workspaces as the default Valet project directory using the command-line below:

cd ~/Workspaces
valet park

Alfred for Mac Configuration

Once you installed Alfred (how to install), the most important setting is the shortcut. Set to CMD + SPACEBAR, by disabling the Spotlight shortcut first in System Preferences (System Settings) > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Spotlight > Show Spotlight Search (untick).

Untick the Spotlight shortcut in System Settings
Set the CMD + SPACE in Alfred configuration

Flutter Development Tools

  1. brew install cocoapods
  2. Install Flutter SDK in ~/Workspaces/flutter (how to)
  3. Open and run Android Studio and updates